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The invisible links between teen pregnancies and violence against laboring women/girls in Bulgaria


In Bulgaria, according to statistics[1], the birth rate among girls aged 15-19 is 41 births in 1000 women in reproductive age, compared to other European countries like Germany – 8 births per 1,000, France – 10.7 and Spain 9.1[2]. There is also a stable tendency for age decline, as in the end of 2013 the number of girls aged 11/12-14 who have become mothers was 298 (out of 860 for the age bracket 12-18 years[3]). These facts place Bulgaria on the first place in Europe in pregnancies among girls aged 12-18. Our country is also a leader in abortions among minors[4] which means that abortion has been regarded as a method of contraception.

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