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Empowering Feminist Advocacy: Astra Network & Plan International’s Impactful Workshop in Warsaw


ASTRA Network’s Annual Gathering: Empowering Advocates for Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights in Central & Eastern Europe


Civil society open letter in support of abortion rights in Slovakia


ASTRA Network workshop and meeting in Warsaw, October 17-18 resulted in a new publication, “The fight hidden in plain sight. Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia”.

ASTRA delegation to Inspire conference in Athens, 1-2 October


ASTRA Youth Delegation at 50th CPD, 3-7 April (here)

ASTRA Delegation at 61st CSW, 13-24 March


ASTRA Network workshop and meeting in Warsaw, Poland, October 24-25 resulted with the ASTRA Network statement on rising threats to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Central and Eastern Europe

Through the period of July 2016 – January 2017 ASTRA cooperated with ASTRA Youth, You Act and CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality in a project whch aimed to advocate for reproductive rights in Poland on the EU level. The team produced factsshet on Access to Safe and Legal Abortion – a European perspective, Joint Advocacy Statement and Call to Action Poland and a statement on access to Emergency Contraception in Poland.


Plovdiv Call to Action is the result of ASTRA meeting in Plovdiv on October 12-13 and presents a set of the most burning issues of non-governmental organisations in the region.

ASTRA Network Workshop, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 12-13 October

ASTRA Network at the national conference on abortion organised by H.E.R.A., Skopje, Macedonia. More information here.

ASTRA Network Public Hearing at the European Parliament “Barriers in access to reproductive healt goods and services”, June 4th. More information here and here.

ASTRA delegation at the UN CPD, 13-17 April

ASTRA delegation at the UN CSW, 9-20 March


ASTRA at the Beijing+20 Review Conference for UN ECE region, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-7 November. More information here.

ASTRA at the annual EuroNGOs Conference, Madrid, Spain, 30-31 Madrid. More information here.

ASTRA delegation at the UN CPD, 7-11 April

ASTRA delegation at the UN CSW, 10-21 March


ASTRA Network workshop on “Advocacy at UN level”, 4-6 November

CEE Regional Health consultation for post-2015 development agenda, in collboration with WHO, 26-27 January, Moscow

Presentation at the public hearing on sexual and reproductive health and rights organized by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, January 22nd, Brussels.


Global Youth Forum, December 4-6, Bali: ASTRA Network delegates presented Reclaiming and Redefining Rights. Setting the Adolescent and Young People SRHR Agenda Beyond ICPD+20. Eastern Europe Region Factsheet

Presentation The Role of the Catholic Church in Abortion Debates After 1989 in Poland at International Gender Workshop- Manifold Angles of Gender: Looking Through a Magnifying Glass, November 26-27, Tbilisi

How to Address Anti-Choice Opposition in Central and Eastern Europe, November 7th-9th, Warsaw

Annual ASTRA Network Meeting, October 18th-19th, Warsaw

“From Regional Trends to a Global SRHR Agenda beyond 2015: Possibilities and Limitations” at the annual EuroNGOs conference: “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the next global Framework. Promoting a critical dialogue”, October 11th, Brussels

Anti-choice Opposition in Europe: Recent trends in the global war on women on the European front, October 10th, Brussels

Global South Initiative Workshop: Regional Fact Sheet on SRHR of Young People in Eastern Europe for the Global Your Forum, October 8th-14th, Brussels

Presentation at the conference “Women, Gender and Feminism(s) in the V4 Countries”, September 18th, Paris

NGO Discussion Meeting on the ICPD Review, September 13-14th, Geneva

Strategic Options for NGOs (SONGs), Strategy Workshop, Brussels, 21-22 May 2012

How much does abortion cost? Economic dimension of sexual and reproductive rights and health in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, panel session, AWID 2012 Forum, Istanbul, 19-22 April

CSOs and young people meeting on ICPD beyond 2014, Istanbul, 17-18 April

Setting a strategic research agenda for women’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) by the Global South, participation in panel, Global Forum for Health and Research, Cape Town, 24-26 April

Women’s Hell. Access to lawful abortion in Poland,presentation at the conference, Budapest, 27 January