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Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine





ASTRA Network categorically condemns the actions of the Russian military forces in Ukraine.


As ASTRA Network, we bring together organisations from Central and Eastern Europe – a region so dramatically affected by Russian authorities’ actions in both recent times and history. Rule of fear and violence took a toll on most nations in our corner of the world – including Russian citizens, who were so often forced into obedience by authoritarian regimes of their country.


Our hearts are breaking for our Ukrainian colleagues, friends, and families. We have recently heard from representatives of both our Ukrainian member organisations – Salus Charitable Foundation and Women’s Health and Family Planning Foundation – who informed us that they are alive but not safe, as there are no safe spaces in Ukraine anymore. And yet, despite the numerous threats, millions of Ukrainians are still fighting for their and their children’s lives.


Members of the Network are working relentlessly to provide help and support to as many Ukrainian refugees as possible. Our colleagues in Moldova, Poland, and Romania are in touch with charities and international organisations working on the ground and facilitating the biggest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades. On their behalf, we encourage both members of the global civil society and policymakers to support these first responders. A list of refugee rights NGOs from the region is to be found below, along with the links to their fundraisers.


The Russian army should immediately leave Ukraine, with the military’s direct command held accountable for despicable acts of violence and war crimes in the international courts. This abhorrent war has already taken the lives of thousands, including the most vulnerable – women, children, people with disabilities. What should never have started, needs to end as soon as possible.



List of fundraisers:


Army SOS

Come Back Alive


Razom for Ukraine

Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement

Vostok SOS

Voices of Children

Wings of Phoenix



Homo Faber

Open Dialogue Foundation

Polish Center for International Aid

Polish Humanitarian Action

Polish Medical Mission

Rescue Foundation

SOS Wioski Dziecięce

Ukrainian Home (run by Our Choice Foundation)



Red Cross Romania

Federația Organizațiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Servicii Sociale (FONSS)/ Social Service NGOs Federation

Romanian Jesuit Refugee Service Association

FOND – The Romanian Non-Governmental Development Organizations Platform



Ministry of Finance

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