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State of the World Population 2014:The Power of 1.8 Billion


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released the State of the World Population 2014, this year’s under the theme The Power of 1.8 Billion: Adolescents, Youth and the Transformation of the Future.

The report shows young people as key to the economic and social development and explores the steps that need to be done to realize youth potential. It discusses the population of young people worldwide and the challenges that young people face when accessing health (including sexual and reproductive health), education and employment. The report provides also the review of youth policies and highlights the importance of inclusion of youth issues in the post-2015 agenda.

Along with the release of SWOP, the regional supplement: Investing in Young People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia was published. The supplement provides the specifics of the region regarding the realization of young people’s needs and rights.

The global summary of the report

Source: UNFPA

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