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Social media campaign on the new Northern Macedonian abortion law




On 4th of June 2019 HERA (Health Education and Research Association) has launched a social media campaign regarding the benefits from the recently adopted Abortion law in North Macedonia. Namely, within two weeks 5 animated videos were shared and informative posters were disseminated in 72 private and public health institutions in 8 cities throughout the country. The campaign lasted for two weeks and informed the public about the positive law amendments which significantly promote reproductive freedom in North Macedonia.

With the elimination of the biased counseling and 3-day waiting period, which were obligatory until now and at the same time life-threatening in some cases, wellbeing of the woman is set on the first place again. The new law foresees introduction of the medical abortion as another safe option for terminating early pregnancy, not only in the hospitals but in the properly equipped gynecological offices on a primary level, which should improve accessibility of this medical service throughout the country.

The decision for terminating the pregnancy until the 22nd week of the pregnancy will be made only by the woman who won’t need to gather documents from the institutions in case of unexpected socio-economic circumstances or when a pregnancy is a consequence of a rape.

Also, a brochure was created for journalists regarding the new law which encompassed recommendations for the media on the best way to report about the abortion (Brochure)

Videos could be seen on following links video1, video2, video3, video4, video5.

Source: HERA

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