Ułatwienia dostępu

September 28 happening in Poland


The Federation for Women and Family Planning (also serving as ASTRA Network Secretariat) held a pro-choice happening on September 28 in the area of Warsaw Old Town – “Women suffer in Silence”. About 150 people stood together in a group and held a sheet of white paper with a women’s face printed on it in front of their own faces. During this event women’s stories related to abortion in Polish context were read aloud by two actresses and informational materials (such as a leaflet about abortion and the Polish reality) were distributed among observers. The Federation has come together in a wider pro-choice coalition with other NGOs, such as the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the Campaign Against Homophobia, and KARAT Coalition among others. The Federation for Women and Family Planning also contributed to the September 28 virtual mural by creating a short film on abortion stigma, please see it on You Tube HERE.

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