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Roundtable discussion on conscientious objection in medicine in Croatia


Together with several pro-choice gynaecologists, CESI organized a round table discussion “Conscientious objection in medicine” in Zagreb on January 21, 2015 with the intention of mobilizing and creating a pro-choice opposition to neoconservative (Catholic) medical doctors. The Initiative of medical doctors for regulation of conscientious objection in medicine believe that Croatia have failed to comprehensively and effectively regulate the practice of conscientious objection, denying many women reproductive health care services they are legally entitled to receive. The number of gynaecologists invoking conscientious objection in their refusal to perform an abortion is rising and currently nearly 70% of gynaecologists refuse to perform abortions on moral grounds. They reminded the public that some anti-choice doctors will let women die rather than do an abortion, regardless of the law, as has occurred in Ireland, Poland and elsewhere. They presented recommendations to national governments as well as to professional associations, health care institutions, on how to regulate conscientious objection so as to both respect the practice of conscientious objection while protecting individual’s right to reproductive health care.

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