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Polish Sejm Say Yes to Anti-Violence Convention


The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence was signed by Poland in December 2012. Since then there have been attempts to adopt an Act to ratify the Convention. For 2 years it could not have been done in the parliament due to the strong opposition movement. Recently after a long time the Convention first left the joint parliamentary committees that for a long time were blocking the approval for it to be read at the general debate. On February 5th the MPs from the committees decided that it should be further proceeded in the plenary. On the 6th of February the parliament decided that all the amendments proposed at the stage of committees’ work have to be rejected and decided to adopt the Act on ratification in the first reading. Still in requires the signature by the President who, to a huge disappointment continues having doubts about its accordance with the Constitution. That might result in sending the Act to the Constitutional Court which would delay the ratification by at least several months.

Source: Federation for Women and Family Planning

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