Ułatwienia dostępu

Petition calling for access to abortion


Mobilisations throughout Europe around September 28, 2017

In solidarity with all European women, after the exemplary struggle of Spanish women in 2014 and Polish women in 2016, we demand that women’s rights, the right to control their own bodies, the right to abortion and to health are respected in all European countries and recognized as fundamental rights for equality in Europe.

Today, the right to abortion within Europe is within the sphere of competence of each national government. Illegal in Malta, extremely limited in Ireland, in Hungary and Poland. the right to abortion, even when it is legal, can be put into question by the conscience clause for doctors (Italy), the absence of the necessary hospital facilities (Greece, Bavaria), the cuts in staff and the closing of centres practicing abortion during hospital reorganizations (France), and, in all countries, the election of reaction, conservative and backward governments.

We reaffirm that :

  • The access to abortion is a right;
  • Abortion is a personal choice – my body is mine, I choose my life
  • Financial resources must be allocated so that the centres carrying out abortion and family planning centres are accessible everywhere;
  • Information campaigns addressed to all audiences are necessary;
  • Sex education should be given to all so that both women and men can make clear and informed choices;
  • Training in abortion procedures and accompaniment should be an integral part of the basic training of health professionals;
  • The conscience clause for health professionals should be eliminated;
  • The legal time limits for abortion should be brought into line with the mot progressive in Europe and states must decriminalize abortion completely.

We call for the organization of a European mobilization around the 28th of September 2017, international day for the right to safe and legal abortion in which each country will put forward its demands in the perspective of a European harmonization of respect for women’s rights.


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