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Milestone Achieved: Advancing Women’s Rights in Poland


Today marked a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Following impassioned debates and a momentous vote, a parliamentary committee is set to embark on the drafting of legislation that could reshape Poland’s stance on abortion.

In the lead-up to the parliamentary deliberations, we diligently engaged with members of the Third Way parliamentary group, advocating for the advancement of abortion-related bills to a second reading. Armed with informative materials, we earnestly presented our case to parliamentary factions, engaging in extensive dialogues to secure the outcome witnessed today. For the first time since 1996, bills concerning the legalization and decriminalization of abortion will progress to the next stage of legislative scrutiny.

This moment has been years in the making, yet we recognize that it only signifies the initial phase of a protracted struggle. The journey toward liberalizing abortion laws demands unwavering commitment, necessitating a multitude of efforts including further discussions, negotiations, and subsequent votes.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, we stand ready for the task at hand. For over three decades, the Federation for Women and Family Planning has been steadfast in its support of Polish women’s access to abortion, tirelessly advocating for enhanced legal provisions. With a wealth of experience advocating for safe, accessible abortion services, including within hospital settings, our dedication surpasses that of any individual seated in the parliamentary committee.

It is imperative that non-governmental organizations such as the FEDERA Foundation are afforded meaningful participation in the committee’s proceedings. With a deep understanding of contemporary women’s needs, garnered through daily interactions and support initiatives, we are uniquely positioned to advocate for their interests. The committee’s effectiveness will remain incomplete until women are rightfully represented within its ranks.

While today’s developments warrant celebration and signify a significant step towards advancing women’s rights, the journey towards full realization remains arduous. We are acutely aware of the opposition entrenched within parliamentary chambers, as well as the tendency to politicize women’s rights. Thus, we pledge to vigorously oppose any attempts to undermine our cause, steadfastly advocating for abortion to be legal, safe, and accessible within Poland’s healthcare system, in accordance with international standards.

As we celebrate this milestone, we do so with a sense of resolve, knowing that our work has only just begun. Though we have emerged victorious in this battle, the broader struggle persists, and FEDERA remains committed to ensuring universal access to abortion services. For we are unwavering in our commitment to championing the rights of women, now and always.

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