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Macedonian informal network for access to safe and legal abortion „Matka“


The initiative „Matka” (“uterus” in Macedonian) was founded by pro-choice activists coming from different non-formal groups and organisation in Macedonia. Apart from advocacy work with the Government and other stakeholders the initiative also focused on grassroots work with Macedonian citizens. The initiative used different channels to spread the messages regarding safe and legal abortion. During one year four issues of „Choice” magasine were published (available online) and several videos were produced. On-line activities were also supported with the work in the field: numerous workshops and public actions were organised and held across the country. The initiative was also present on different occasions, festivals and fairs. The final event of „Matka” Initiative was held on May 31st 2014 in Skopje. The whole day event „My body, my choice“ aimed to send the message and the importance of the access to safe and legal abortion through different activities, forum theater, social games, photo exhibitions and more (see the photos from the event here).

Last year the Macedonian Parliament passed the new law on abortion and it was justified as an act of caring about women’s health. Pro-choice activists filled the gap of informing the public about the consequences of the law and about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, especially on safe and legal abortion. Such activities are very much needed as the majority of media in Macedonia are controlled by the Government.

Visit Facebook fan page of Matka and see photos from the event.

Source: H.E.R.A.

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