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High Level Dialogue on Health, 5-6 March, Botswana


The culmination of the global consultations on health in the Post 2015 development agenda took place in Botswana on 5-6 March. The High Level Dialogue on health was co-convened by the Governments of Botswana and Sweden, UNICEF and WHO, and the consultation on health was one of eleven thematic consultations initiated by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG). The meeting brought together about 45 participants from Un institutions, government representatives, the private sector, academia and the civil society as well as delegates of members of the UN High Level Panel of Eminent Persons. The Botswana meeting emphasized the need for “hardwiring” equity as a principle in all future discussions related to health as well as stressed the need to push forward on the MDG agenda (reducing child mortality, reducing maternal mortality, securing and promoting sexual health and rights and fighting AIDS, Malaria and TB) in the remaining two years. Importantly the unfinished agenda on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (MDG 5b) was oftentimes invoked by participants together with commitments to redress this situation.

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