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Grey area: abortion issue in Croatia


This paper involves analysis and mapping of relevant stakeholders, legislation, policy and practice of the issue of abortion on demand in the Republic of Croatia in year 2014, with the aim of obtaining better insights and contributing to the understanding of the overall situation.

Data collection methods that were used included focus group discussion, individual semi-structured interviews, written submissions and statements. Questions and problems related to the abortion issue belong to the “grey area”, thus characterized by: inadequate state regulation, deficiencies in the abortion records, cases of medical corruption and official misconduct, variability of medical treatment (high) cost on regional and hospital level and the incidence of conscientious objection. With all of the above, as well as with traditional, patriarchal stigmatization of women who voluntarily terminate pregnancy, along with current neoconservative threats – the accessibility and safety of legal abortions in Croatia is difficult.

Access the paper HERE.

Source: CESI

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