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Developments in abortion debate in Romania


Florica Chereches, member of the Romanian Parliament, reopens the debate on mandatory counseling sessions for women requesting abortion on demand.

The Romanian political scene briefly inflated at the debut of 2014 over the declarations of Florica Chereches, deputy in the Romanian Parliament and member of the liberal party PNL, who in a political statement, declared to campaign in the next years for amending the current abortion law. According to Mrs Chereches, women seeking abortion should be required by law to take between 5-7 days mandatory reflection period so as to ensure that women with unwanted pregnancies are presented with options and allegedly would then make the “correct” informed decisions. In her statement Mrs Chereches declares that her motivatation for her planned campaign lies in the fact that Romania has a high abortion rate, especially among adolescents. She is convinced that tougher laws and regulations on abortion will make women reconsider their decisions – propagating thus not only core national family values but will bring about cuts in medical costs associated with abortion and post-abortion care.

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