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September 28 Day of Action, NGOs, international organizations, individuals and other stakeholders from all over world mobilize on or around this day and prepare actions that call to end the stigma against abortion and demand for women’s right to control their bodies without putting their lives, health and freedom at risk.

International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion provides an opportunity to make our voices heard and unite activists under one goal and one mission. The Central and Eastern European region is currently experiencing further attempts to restrict access to abortion. The recent months have proven that we cannot take what we have for granted and the strong pro-natalist voices are starting to influence more and more countries and their legislation on abortion (Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia).

The CEE region has long been silent and time has come to make ourselves visible and heard. This call to action is aimed at ALL activists from Central and Eastern Europe region, as well Central Asia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, who believe that woman’s right to a free choice – the right to abortion – is a human right and must be respected, protected and granted.

As one of the regional inputs ASTRA proposes the idea to develop common messages which can be unique to our region and address the developments of the past months. If you would like to contribute or/and already have a few ideas in mind please write to ASTRA Network at federa@astra.org.pl.

Last year’s campaign had action and activities in 51 countries around the world and this year’s aim is for more than 75 countries, because the power is in numbers. You will also hear about the 28 September Day of Action from many other international networks, as we are all working in coordination to make the International Campaign more powerful, particularly taking into consideration, including in Europe, the recent attacks on abortion legislation.

To make things more easily do-able, there is a suggested a number of activities you could conduct on/around September 28 and a number of networks have advanced slogans you could incorporate in your planned activities. Groups all over the world decide on their own activities and slogans and we, too, should come up with our own events as part of this movement. Whatever you do, please make sure you send details to the International Campaign [safeabortionwomensright@icma.md] to post on the listserve to and thus expand the circle of activists and examples of visible activities. Please let us at ASTRA know as well!

For more information visit the Campaign’s official webiste here: www.safeabortionwomensright.org
Endorse the Campaign here: www.safeabortionwomensright.org/stay-connected

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