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Armenia reinforces struggle against sex-selective abortions


The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia and the United Nations Population Fund jointly develop an action plan for prevention of abortions based on gender in Armenia. Psychological influence, “pressure” on the married couples will be among the target issues for the experts engaged in the action plan.

In a conversation with “Armenpress” the Chief Specialist of the Mother and Child Health Protection Division of the Medical Aid Organization Department of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia, M. D. Gayane Avagyanstated: “When the women turn to us for echoscopy, we try to invite their husbands as well, so that they could also see the child’s image on the screen. In my opinion thus the abortion cases will be decreased. We must exercise psychological influence on the young Armenian couples by showing them that giving birth to a feminine child is also very important and the child’s health is above all things.”

Source: Armenpress News Agency

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