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“Abortion is a human right”, European Parliament declares




Yesterday, on 24 June, European Parliament declared abortion a human right in a historical vote.

Adopted document, informally called “the Matić report” (after the text’s author, Predrag Fred Matić, a Croatian Socialist MEP), calls on all member states to recognise reproductive and sexual rights as basic human rights. The text states that withholding access to medical procedures like abortion, as well as failure to provide access to contraceptives or high-quality maternal care “endangers women’s lives and rights”. The report also condemns lack of engagement in protecting sexual and reproductive rights in governmental emergency policies regarding COVID-19 pandemic.

It needs to be noted, however, that the resolution is non-binding. European Union has no authority to interfere in the health policies of the Member States – a fact that many anti-choice organisations are currently using to undermine the document. Numerous appeals, statements and petitions were made by conservative MEPs, representatives of anti-choice movement and the Catholic Church.

The resolution passed with 378 MEPs voting in favor and 255 voting against.

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