Ułatwienia dostępu

46th CPD impressions


This week the 46th session of UN Commission on Population and Development is taking place in New York with the theme “New trends in migration: demographic aspects”. The topic of migration has waited for six years to be addressed by this political entity and comes at the right time even though governments are not very keen to embrace it in its full spectrum. In the past years we have witnessed a changing dynamic of migration, with an increase of human movement from rural to urban areas but also – as a result of growing militarization and new conflicts appearing in different parts of the world – a growing population of internally displaced people (IDPs), as well as refugees and asylum seekers. Migration routes are not so obvious anymore. People don’t only move from the Global South to the North or within the North but also South-South migration is emerging with the rise of new economic powers in those parts of the world. Women have grown to be the biggest group of migrants globally and most of them are of reproductive age. Also, a new group of LGBT migrants is demanding its rights – both those who seek asylum due to discrimination and violence they face in home countries and those who wish to be reunited with their same-sex partners but legal provisions make it difficult for them to do so.

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