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2024 ASTRA Network Meeting Recap: Charting a Vibrant Future


This past week, members of the ASTRA Network convened for a pivotal gathering aimed at reinforcing our shared mission, celebrating our collective accomplishments, and setting forth a strategic path for the coming years. Our two-day meeting was marked by a spirit of collaboration and inspiration, driving us forward into a promising future.

Day 1: Reflection and Celebration

The first day began with a reflective session on ASTRA’s core mission—advancing sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) across the region. We reviewed our key achievements from the past year, celebrating the impact of our advocacy and community outreach efforts. It was a powerful reminder of what we can accomplish together.

Later, attendees participated in an empowering self-defense workshop. This session was not only about physical defense techniques but also about fostering a sense of personal empowerment and solidarity among our members, reinforcing the idea that strength comes in many forms.

Day 2: Strategic Planning and Collaboration

On the second day, we shifted our focus to the future. Through a series of workshops and collaborative discussions, we set bold strategic goals for 2025-2028. Our priorities include expanding our network’s reach, enhancing our advocacy strategies, and implementing advanced digital tools for better collaboration.

The discussions also covered ways to enhance our member welcome process and integrate new tools for better collaboration. We recognize that as our network grows, so too must our methods of working together to maintain efficacy and cohesion among diverse groups.

Special Contributions

We were honored to have Adriana Lamačková from the Center for Reproductive Rights and Daniela Draghici, an esteemed member of ASTRA’s Advisory Board, co-facilitate our sessions. Their expertise and passion were instrumental in guiding our conversations and helping us pinpoint actionable strategies for advancement.

Gratitude and Forward Momentum

Our meeting concluded with a shared acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of all ASTRA members. The passion and energy brought to the discussions were palpable and have undoubtedly set the stage for a year of action and positive change.

We extend our deepest thanks to everyone involved, from our speakers and facilitators to each participant who offered their insights and enthusiasm. Your commitment is what shapes ASTRA into a leading force for SRHR in the region.

As we look forward, we are energized by our renewed objectives and the collective spirit of our network. Together, we are not just responding to challenges; we are shaping the future of SRHR advocacy.

Stay connected with us through our social media channels and regular updates on our website. We promise more exciting developments and opportunities to engage with our mission. Together, we rise!

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