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2017 ASTRA Youth Delegation at 50th CPD, 3-7 April (here) ASTRA Delegation at 61st CSW, 13-24 March 2016 ASTRA Network workshop and meeting in Warsaw, Poland, October 24-25 resulted with the ASTRA Network statement on rising threats to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Central and Eastern Europe Through the period of July 2016 […]


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Albania Albanian Center for Population and Development Armenia Society Without Violence Women’s Resource Center Women’s Rights Center Azerbaijan Center Women and Modern World Bulgaria Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation Demetra Association Gender Alternatives Foundation Gender Education, Research and Technologies Belarus Women’s Independent Democratic Movement of Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina […]


ASTRA – Central and Eastern European Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is a regional informal network created in December 1999 by women’s rights organizations and activists from Central and Eastern Europe. Currently ASTRA consists of 39 organizations from 21 countries. ASTRA advocates for the full implementation of sexual and reproductive health and […]

RokNewsFlash Module (J1.5/1.7)

RokNewsFlash is module to display snippets of an article. It can cycle through article titles or a predefined number of characters of an article, which are cycled automatically. The module supports navigation controls to override the automatic transitioning. Details Download Support Module Configuration Options available at Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokNewsFlash Module: […]

RokAjaxSearch Module (J1.5/1.7)

RokAjaxSearch is a Joomla search module, utilising AJAX, to provide a combined search solution for both internal searches, and for external searches with Google: Web, Images, Blog and Videos. Details Download Support Module Configuration Options available at Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokAjaxSearch Module: Search page URL: Insert the relative path to your […]

ASTRA Secretariat

Federation for Women and Family Planning

Nowolipie 13/15
00-150 Warsaw, Poland

ph/fax +48 22 635 93 95
email federa@astra.org.pl / info@astra.org.pl

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