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Polish anti-choice NGO files for a total ban on abortion

    A Polish NGO called Pro-Prawo do Å»ycia (Pro-The right to life) filed a civil draft bill (reportedly signed by over 130 000 Polish citizens) in the Parliament today. If passed, the new law would ban abortion with no exceptions. The draft bill proposes to criminalise abortion, meaning the person terminating their own pregnancy […]

Slovak Parliament to discuss a possible abortion ban (again)

    Slovak Parliament is to discuss another draft law aiming to limit access to abortion in the country in the upcoming days. The draft law (Print no. 665) was proposed by a group of MPs from OĽANO (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities), a leading governmental party. It proposes a number of amendments into various laws […]

Activists say Romania Has Been Quietly Phasing Out Abortion

    Daniela Draghici knows firsthand what an abortion ban looks like. In 1976, when she was a college student in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, she got pregnant after her contraception failed. Abortion was prohibited in Romania. With the help of a friend, Draghici was taken to a woman with no medical training to […]

Montenegro struggles with sex-selective abortion

    Montenegro continues to struggle with sex-selective abortion, despite a ban on the procedure introduced in 2009. A deeply engraved social “son preference” causes a fall of births of girls, who are seen “less profitable” for the family. The disturbing demographic trend was discussed during Montenegrin parliamentary session, with Dragan Ivanovic, ruling coalition member, […]

European Court of Human Rights to consider Polish women’s complaints on the abortion ban

    In April 2021 Federation for Women and Family Planning started the Women’s Collective Complaint campaign. Its aim was to encourage Polish women to send applications to the European Court of Human Rights in connection with the decision of the so-called Constitutional Tribunal  that banned abortion due to severe fetal defects. The European Court of Human Rights […]

“Abortion is a human right”, European Parliament declares

    Yesterday, on 24 June, European Parliament declared abortion a human right in a historical vote. Adopted document, informally called “the Matić report” (after the text’s author, Predrag Fred Matić, a Croatian Socialist MEP), calls on all member states to recognise reproductive and sexual rights as basic human rights. The text states that withholding access […]

New anti-abortion legislative proposals presented in Slovakia

    Two new anti-abortion legislative proposals have been registered in the Slovak parliament for the upcoming parliamentary sessions, which is to take place on 15 June – 2 July. Reportedly, the bills are expected to be discussed in the first legislative reading at this session. Later on, a vote on whether they should be moved […]

Istanbul Convention – a regional overview

    Today, on May 11, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of opening the Istanbul Convention for signatures. Istanbul Convention was – and still is – an extraordinary achievement in the international arena of women’s rights advocacy. The golden standard for policies targeting gender-based and domestic violence saves the lives of women all across the […]

ASTRA 2020 annual report

    2020 turned out to be an extremely challenging year, mostly – but not only – due to the new reality of COVID-19 pandemic. The world had to reorganize in a great show of solidarity and support in these trying times. However, sudden transfer to digital reality allowed us to keep up with our […]

Rising opposition towards sexuality education in Romanian schools

    Parents are opposing to sexuality education classes conducted in schools in Romania. As Daniela Draghici, Romanian activists and ASTRA Network’s Advisory Board member, tells us, they are mostly motivated by conservative forces and the Church. Specialised NGO’s are reportedly struggling to raise funding for social campaigns, the last of which was organised in […]

Polish “Legal abortion without compromise” civil bill initiative

    On 22 October 2020, the illegitimate Polish Constitutional Court ruled that access to abortion due to “high probability of severe and irreversible foetal disability or incurable disease threatening its life” is unconstitutional. Fierce protests have been held incessantly following the decision of the CT. On 27 January 2021, the text of the illegal […]

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