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ASTRA 2020 annual report

    2020 turned out to be an extremely challenging year, mostly – but not only – due to the new reality of COVID-19 pandemic. The world had to reorganize in a great show of solidarity and support in these trying times. However, sudden transfer to digital reality allowed us to keep up with our […]

Rising opposition towards sexuality education in Romanian schools

    Parents are opposing to sexuality education classes conducted in schools in Romania. As Daniela Draghici, Romanian activists and ASTRA Network’s Advisory Board member, tells us, they are mostly motivated by conservative forces and the Church. Specialised NGO’s are reportedly struggling to raise funding for social campaigns, the last of which was organised in […]

Polish “Legal abortion without compromise” civil bill initiative

    On 22 October 2020, the illegitimate Polish Constitutional Court ruled that access to abortion due to “high probability of severe and irreversible foetal disability or incurable disease threatening its life” is unconstitutional. Fierce protests have been held incessantly following the decision of the CT. On 27 January 2021, the text of the illegal […]

Poland introduces a nearly-total ban on abortion

    January 27 – Just before midnight, the abortion-banning “ruling” of Polish Constitutional Tribunal was published in Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland. As of this day, abortion is illegal in Poland, with exceptions of the pregnancy being a result of rape or incest, or a threat to the woman’s life or […]

Russian Orthodox Church changes stance on abortion

    In December 2020, Russian Orthodox Church revealed a change in the institution’s stance on abortion abortion. Vladimir Legoyda, main spokesperson for Russian Orthodox Church, commented on the topic of abortion in a TV interview in RTVI, a New York-based Russian-language channel aimed at expats. According to Legodya, the institution insists on changing the status […]

Polish women lodge a collective application to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg after the abortion-banning ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal

  We are reprinting an article from our member organisation, Federation for Women and Family Planning, that has undertaken numerous steps to act against Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling on abortion, issued back in October.  Together with cause dedicated lawyers, we (Federation for Women and Family Planning) are starting an action entitled Women’s collective complaint (Skarga […]

Romanian Constitutional Court brings back gender studies

    The Constitutional Court of Romania ruled that banning gender studies in Romanian educational system was unconstitutional and therefore annulled the law. The ban was originally proposed by a centre-right Popular Movement Party and adopted last June. An amendment to National Education Law, the ban claimed gender to be an ideological invention and banned “theories […]

Putin Orders Government to Improve Abortion Prevention Efforts

    President Vladimir Putin has urged the government to improve abortion prevention strategies in an effort to reduce the number of terminated pregnancies and offset Russia’s population decline. Putin’s order was made public days after Poland’s top court deemed abortions performed in cases of fetal defects to be unconstitutional. For Poland, which already had some of […]

Polish Parliament’s session postponed, possibly due to mass protests

    Polish pro-abortion protests have grown to being the biggest in the history of democratic Poland. Scale of the protests drove Polish ruling party to withhold publication of the abortion-banning ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal, initially planned for October 2. After days of protests, Polish President, Andrzej Duda, presented his own draft of an anti-abortion […]

Poles take to the streets after the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling

    Poles have been protesting non-stop after Constitutional Tribunal’s decision to ban abortion on the grounds of foetal malformations. For the past week, mass protests were held in every part of the country, including rural areas. On Sunday, October 25, some protesters were spotted in churches, holding pro-abortion banners during Sunday Masses.  A day […]

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