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25th anniversary of the Polish Anti-Abortion Law

7th January 1993 Act on Family Planning, Human Embryo Protection and Conditions of Legal Pregnancy Termination (later: the Act) has had a detrimental effect on women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights for 25 years. Due to the anniversary and upcoming debates about two abortion-related citizens’ bills[1] in the Parliament, the Federation for Women and […]

New UPR Sexual Rights Database

The Sexual Rights Initiative invites you to visit our new and improved Universal Periodic Review Sexual Rights Database. The database allows you to search all the sexual rights related recommendations and references made during UPR sessions at the UN Human Rights Council, including progress on the implementation of accepted recommendations. The database is part of […]

New report from Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls for progress to ensure women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe

“Women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are human rights. Regrettably, however, women in Europe still have these rights denied or restricted as a result of laws, policies and practices that ultimately reflect continuing gender stereotypes and inequalities. States must acknowledge and address these violations and resolutely commit to advancing gender equality in this crucial […]

Draft law on conscience clause for pharmacists in Poland

The Polish Bureau of Research (BAS) has positively evaluated a draft law that would introduce conscience clause for pharmacists and owners of drug stores. According to the law elaborated and delivered by the Federation of Polish Catholic Pharmacists they will have rights 1) to refuse to sell drugs should they be incompatible with their conscience […]

Mandatory Waiting Periods and Biased Abortion Counseling in Central and Eastern Europe

Article by Leah Hoctor and Adriana Lamačková of the Centre for Reproductive Rights has been published in the Ethical and Legal Issues section of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. The article addresses the recent retrogressive introduction of mandatory waiting periods and biased counseling and information requirements prior to abortion in Central and Eastern […]

Synthesis Reports on 2017 on Voluntary National Reviews on SDG implementation are now available

The VNRs were held during the High Level Political Forum in mid 2017, several countries of ASTRA participated in the Voluntary National Reviews on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Synthesis Report of the country reviews is available at http://bit.ly/2jAfk6l. Among the countries under review were: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Tajikistan. […]

The Future of the European Union – Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe

New publication from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Budapest and Eszter Kovats: The Future of the European Union – Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe is an interesting compilation of Central and Eastern European voices on the most pressing issues today in relation to gender, EU, reproductive rights, economy and most at risk groups. The selections of articles include: […]

Poland must respect fundamental rights, including women’s rights

The European Parliament is calling on Poland to address the current restrictions to the independence of the judiciary, freedom of assembly, sexual and reproductive rights, and denial of asylum-seekers’ access to the Polish territory. The Parliament adopted a resolution that highlights the further deterioration of the situation in Poland since the previous European Parliament resolution […]

HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE – Draft General Comment on Article 6, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – Right to life

Prepared by International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion On 14 July 2015, during its 114th session, the Human Rights Committee (HRC) commenced the process of drafting a General Comment on the right to life, to revise the existing General Comment at Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They […]

Polish attempts to use the non-sovereign constitutional tribunal in order to restrict womens rights to legal abortion

A group of extremist MPs, mainly from the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) and Kukiz’15, submitted a motion challenging the constitutionality of one of the cases, which allows for abortion according to The Family Planning, Human Embryo Protection and Conditions of Permissibility of Abortion Act. MPs claim that the right to abortion in case […]

Abortion in rural areas of Armenia

The Women’s Resource Center carried out research in September and October to examine whether women in rural communities can access their right to legal and safe abortions and whether they face any obstacles in reaching those services. Representatives of the organisation visited five rural communities and interviewed 50 rural women using focus groups and carried […]

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