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Social media campaign on the new Northern Macedonian abortion law

    On 4th of June 2019 HERA (Health Education and Research Association) has launched a social media campaign regarding the benefits from the recently adopted Abortion law in North Macedonia. Namely, within two weeks 5 animated videos were shared and informative posters were disseminated in 72 private and public health institutions in 8 cities […]

WHO Consolidated Guideline on Self-Care Interventions for Health Published

    A new set of guidelines was recently published by WHO. The document, known as “WHO Consolidated Guideline on Self-Care Interventions for Health: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, is presented on WHO’s website with following words:   Self-care interventions are among the most promising and exciting new approaches to improve health and well-being, […]

On the Moral Aspect of Abortion

  A very interesting article was recently published online. We strongly recommend reading the whole piece called “On Abortion in the Context of Malta: a Medical Doctor’s Perspective”. Below, you can read a part on moral aspect of abortion. On the Moral Aspect of Abortion People consider abortion as morally right or wrong primarily on the basis […]

Feminist leadership delivers on women’s human rights at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

  Feminist persistence at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has delivered new international standards on women’s human rights to social protection systems, access to public services, and sustainable infrastructure. These gains were achieved in spite of the increasingly polarised political environment at the UN’s biggest annual gathering on women’s rights.   […]

The Nairobi Principles on Abortion, Prenatal Testing and Disability

      In October 2018 The Global Dialogue on Abortion, Prenatal Testing and Disability convened by CREA took place in Nairobi, Kenya. The event brought together SRHR experts, organisations of women with disabilities and feminists from around the world, including Kamila Ferenc, a representative of ASTRA Network. The international and intercontextual team worked on creating a set of guidelines […]

Poland should more actively protect and promote women’s rights, says CoE Human Rights Commissioner

    After a 5-day long visit in Poland, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, has published preliminary conclusions on recommendations for Polish authorities. Addressing the issue of domestic violence and violence against women, the Commissioner commended Poland for ratifying the Istanbul Convention in 2015. “Poland’s authorities should now act forcefully […]

Croatia must act now to end violence and abuse against women in reproductive health procedures, say UN experts

Croatia must act now to stop violations of women’s sexual and reproductive health rights, adopt measures to prevent them from occurring again and hold those responsible to account, say a group of UN human rights experts*. “We are appalled by the testimonies given by women, following the launch of the campaign #BreakTheSilence in October 2018, which showed […]

2019 Contraception Atlas Launched at the European Parliament

All European governments need to do more to meet SDGs for universal access to contraception Hat-trick for Belgium, France and UK as they take top spot for third year running Poland and Hungary worst performing EU countries The Contraception Atlas – a map that scores 46 countries throughout geographical Europe on access to modern contraception, […]

MEPs concerned by a backlash in women’s rights in some member states

Concerns regarding the rise of gender-based violence in the EU Women’s health and reproductive rights are being undermined in some member states Women’s rights organisations should be granted access to funding MEPs worried about the recent intensification of sexist and LGBTI-phobic hate speech The EP expressed its concerns regarding the offensive against women’s rights and […]

Barriers to Accessing Safe Abortion Services in Georgia. New Research by Association HERA XXI

The Georgian law enables legal abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation, yet Georgian women continue to face significant challenges in terms of availability and accessibility of safe abortion information and services, especially those living in rural areas. To analyse the situation Association HERA XXI, ASTRA member from Tbilisi, pursued a qualitative study of the […]

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